How To Stream On Youtube + Pro Tips To Grow

How To Stream On Youtube + Pro Tips To Grow
How To Stream On Youtube + Pro Tips To Grow

Video Recording and Streaming culture is trending in the current social media scenario. Many people want to know How to stream on Youtube effectively. Youtube Streaming efficiently and effectively is not so simple. You need to take care of certain things and follow some steps in order to start and grow while streaming on Youtube. So here's our complete guide on How to stream on Youtube + Pro tips to grow on Youtube (Bonus). Also, a setup guide you would definitely need to stream on Youtube.

Follow These Steps To Start Streaming On Youtube:

1. Create a Youtube Channel:

The first and foremost step is to have a Youtube Channel in order to start streaming on Youtube. You can just simply create an account by using your existing Google account. If you are planning to stream on Mobile Phone then you need to have 1,000 subscribers before live streaming and also have to enable Live Streaming option for only your first live stream 24 hours before starting a live stream.

2. Getting a Streaming Software on Board:

You have to get a streaming software that will assist you in streaming efficiently, be more engaging with your audience, and many more things. At the moment, Streamlabs is the leading software for streaming on Youtube. Streamlabs is free software to be used for streaming on Youtube.

3. Getting Your Channel Ready For Streaming:

You need to now customize your channel so that you can create engaging content for your audience. An attractive bio has to be added to your channel, an excellent logo of your channel, beautiful channel art, and also an introductory video that will tell that what the audience is going to get on this channel. 

If you are creating a gaming channel then be sure to create a gaming overlay for your live stream by using Streamlabs OBS.

Setup Guide To Effectively Stream on Youtube:

As you are reading this article, we are assuming that you are a beginner on Youtube. So as a beginner you don't need expensive setups. You will need a PC or Laptop and this is Compulsory. Check out this article showing you how to build a PC. Apart from PC, You will need some equipment along with it. We have listed some cheap and best equipment that you may need while streaming on Youtube.

Things you may have to stream on Youtube:

1. You'll need a Video and an Audio Source for which you will need a Webcam and a Mic. We have reviewed some products and figured out cheap and best for you.

1) Video Source: Webcam

2) Audio Source: Mic     

3) Encoder: OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio)

OBS is open-source software that is free and you can use it as the encoder which will help you to stream.

4) Elgato: Buy Now!

If you want to stream a Mobile Game you will surely need an Elgato to stream.

These were the things that you will need to start streaming on Youtube.

Pro Tips To Grow On Youtube:

1. SEO of your Channel:

Search Engine Optimization of your channel is necessary to get into recommendations for the audience and also to appear at the top in the search results. For this, you need to research what people are searching in Youtube Search which can be done by using The keywords with the highest searches should be added to the channel tags.

2. Importance of THUMBNAILS:

Thumbnails are very important for any type of youtube channel. Thumbnails should be creative and should present what is the content is in the video. A little clickbait is okay but should not be used as it will hamper your engagement rate very badly.

3. Content is the KING:

If you are posting videos just for the sake of money then you are going the wrong way. People will see your video and come again to see your latest videos if you are giving them value. So start creating content that is valuable for people and what people want to see. So content is the KING and key to success. Content is the most important factor to get success on Youtube. 

After reading this Article, Hope you have gained the knowledge about How to stream on Youtube. If you think we missed something or problems to solve, feel free to comment below.

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