PMWL East 2020 Finals: Teams Drop Spots In Erangel

PMWL East 2020 Finals: Teams Drop Spots In Erangel
PMWL East 2020 Finals: Teams Drop Spots In Erangel

PMWL East 2020 Finals will begin from 6th August 2020 and will end on 9th August 2020. Top 16 teams out of 20 teams qualified for the PMWL East 2020 Finals after battling against each other for three consecutive weeks. All the teams in the finals will be aiming to finish at the top of the table as winners of the finals will get $ 100,000.

Most of the teams usually have a fixed drop in the Erangel map. But teams are flexible enough to change their drop spots according to the flight's trajectory. We have listed the fixed drop spots of teams based on their play in the PMWL East 2020 Super Weekends'.

Drop Locations of Teams in the PMWL East 2020:

PMWL East 2020 Finals: Teams Drop Spots In Erangel
PMWL East 2020 Finals: Teams Drop Spots In Erangel

1) GXR-Celtz

Drop Spot: Mylta, which lies in the southeast part of the map.

2) Team IND

Drop Spot: Military Base, which lies in the southernmost part of the map. It is a separate island and is connected to the main island through two bridges. Although, it is a risky drop point at the same time provide a good amount of loot. However, if the zone favors them, then they can easily gatekeep other teams while they are trying to get into the zone through the bridge.

3) Megastars

Drop Spot: Novorepnoye, which lies in the southeast area of the map. It is an area with a lot of containers and compounds. It is connected to the main island by a bridge.

4) Orange Rock

Drop Spot: Water City and Ruins, which lie on the north-central part of the map.

5) SynerGE

Drop Spot: Lipovka, which lies in the western part of the map.

6) TSM-Entity

Drop Spot: There primary drop is Yasnaya Polyana but if the flight path makes the team unable to glide towards Yasnaya Polyana, then the team head towards Georgopol City which lies in the northeastern part of the map with containers nearby and a Hospital building. 

7) Box Gaming

Drop Spot: Southern area of Pochinki and Ferry Pier, in the south of the map. They also play in split drops.

8) RRQ Athena

Drop Spot: Pochinki, at the center of the map. They have been dropping here since there first international event which PMSC 2018.

9) Bigetron RA

Drop Spot: They go to the Farm surrounding compounds, which lies in the south. They also do loot in split drops,

10) Valdus Esports

Drop Spot: Rozhok, their home for quite some time, lies in the north, near School and Ruins.

11) Yoodo Gank

Drop Spot: Severny, in the northernmost part of the map.

12) Team Secret

Drop Spot: Gatka, on the eastern side of the map. They used to go to Pochinki but changed their drop-in PMWL East 2020.

13) King of Gamers Club

Drop Spot: School, at the center of the map, with Rozhok and Pochinki nearby.

14) Reject Scarlet

Drop Spot: Yasnaya Polyana, which lies towards the northwest. They usually contest with TSM-Entity at Yasnaya Polyana.


Drop Spot: Prison and Shelter, which lie in the eastern part of the map.

16) T1

Drop Spot: Mylta Power, which lies towards the southwest. They also contest Valdus at Rozhok if they are unable to go to Mylta Power due to the flight path.

 Schedule For PMWL Finals 2020:

6th August 2020: Day 1 ( 6 Matches )

7th August 2020: Day 2 ( 6 Matches )

8th August 2020: Day 3 ( 6 Matches )

9th August 2020: Day 4 ( 6 Matches )

Map Order For PMWL East 2020 Finals:

1. Erangel

2. Vikendi

3. Erangel

4. Miramar

5. Sanhok

6. Erangel

Where To Watch:

PMWL East 2020 Finals will be streamed on the Official youtube channel of Pubg Mobile Esports on 6th August 2020 at 5:30 PM IST.

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